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2 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Car's Brake Pad Replacement To The Professionals

After noticing that your car is vibrating and makes screeching noises whenever you attempt to stop, you may have investigated the problem to find that the brake pads are worn down. Because they do not appear to be difficult to replace, you may have decided that you can save money by installing new ones yourself.

However, while the job may look simple, there are some details that could yield bad results if you attempt to do it yourself when you have little to no experience. Below are a couple of reasons why you should leave the replacement of your car's brake pads to the professionals instead.

1.  You May Not Properly Position the Pads, Quickly Causing Uneven Wear

One reason why you should forego replacing your car's brake pads, and instead have a professional do it for you, is that the positioning of the pads must be precise. When brake pads are placed and aligned correctly, they will glide along the surfaces of the discs evenly.

However, if you do not properly position the pads, they will wear down faster in odd locations, causing uneven wear. A professional will know how to install the pads according to your car's brake specifications.

2.  You May Not Know How to Diagnose and Fix the Underlying Cause of the Brake Pad Wear

Another reason why you should have a professional install your brake pads is that there may be an issue causing the pads to go bad. If you simply replace the pads without correcting the underlying cause of their rapid or uneven wear, you will find that you have to replace them more often.

However, a professional will fully inspect the entire system to find the issue. Then, if the calipers are misaligned or the hydraulic hoses are causing uneven pressure while braking, they can take action to fix these problems before replacing the brake pads.

When you try to change your car's brake pads yourself, you run the risk of having them wear down faster if you do not precisely place them. Even if you do align them perfectly, there could still be an underlying issue causing them to wear out faster than normal, which would require you to change them again sooner rather than later. Instead of trying to do the job yourself, take your car to a brake repair shop in your area to have them fully inspect the system so that they can fix any potential issues while replacing the pads for you. Contact a brake service, such as Heritage Auto Pro, near you to learn more.